Find Flavours from the Land and Sea in Southwest Cambodia

With the sea framing the long coastline and expansive landscapes, Cambodia’s southwest Sihanoukville region has endless opportunities for culinary experiences.

The market is a natural first stop to get a feel for the lifestyle. Wander the bustling lanes of Phsar Leu Market and meet the vendors displaying overflowing bins of fresh tropical fruits and vegetables, newly caught seafood and an array of jewellery, clothing and other local goods. Delicious noum kong Cambodian doughnuts are served piping hot out of the fryer, and bánh xèo crepes are formed on a griddle before being stuffed with savoury fillings.

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Taste the Flavours of the Northeast Lands

As you stroll the open-air stalls in Banlung or trek through the forest with a local forager, dining in the Ratanakiri region promises to be an adventure for your palate.

All around Banlung, restaurants cater to travellers with a mix of authentic Khmer meals, Western dishes and other global flavours. Join the locals who gather at Banlung Market to feast on steaming bowls of noodle soups and bor bor rice porridge, skewers of roasted meats and other savoury dishes. Alongside piles of fresh tropical produce, sweet treats abound — like ripe bananas served hot off a grill, coconut sticky rice and sweetened fried dough.

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See Why Siem Reap Is a Foodie’s Paradise

Known far and wide as the gateway to Angkor Wat, Siem Reap and its surrounding areas have long attracted culture seekers from around the world. Captivating these global travellers is a culinary scene that appeals to every palate. You can spend your entire journey savouring authentic Khmer cuisine or leap between international flavours that suit your every craving.

The centre of all the action lies on Street 8, also known as Pub Street. Always on with a colourful and chaotic energy, this central hub has everything you could need from a quick snack to a late-night feast. The mouthwatering scent of freshly grilled Cambodian barbeque will keep you coming back for more, while traditional Khmer restaurants tantalise with flavourful curries and other comfort food. From street food and stalls to an array of global cuisine, you have your pick of dining experiences in one easy-to-navigate zone.

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Take a Culinary Exploration from Traditional to Contemporary

Traditional Khmer dishes, lively barbecue joints, authentic street food and modern bistros — any mouth watering flavours you dream about will come to life in Phnom Penh and surrounding areas.

Start your day with nom banh chok, also known as Khmer noodles — a breakfast staple of fermented noodles in a light, flavourful broth (you might also enjoy it as an afternoon snack ). This satisfying dish is so linked to Cambodian culture you can also ask for it as Khmer noodles.

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