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Travel from Coastal Gems to the Mountain Peaks of Southwest

Sunset on the Tatai River (All Dreams Cambodia/Lana Velsasque)
Sunset on the Tatai River (All Dreams Cambodia/Lana Velsasque)

Renowned for its shimmering coastline and wonderful islands, the Southwest region also encompasses great expanses of jungles, waterfalls and the forested peaks of the Cardamom Mountains. 

As you hike or ride a motorbike on the 8-kilometre trek through Kep National Park, wilderness comes alive all around you. Spot reptiles scampering through the tropical foliage and birds alighting overhead. Climb the Stairway to Heaven, also known as the Nun’s Path, and follow the signs to Sunset Rock to capture amazing views of the coastline. 

A Pileated gibbon (endangered species) in Botum Sakor National Park, Cardamom (Botum Sakor National Park DR)

In Kampot, kayak through the mangrove forest, a veritable cathedral of greenery, or explore Bokor National Park (Preah Monivong National Park), which stretches over 1,400 square kilometres in the rugged Cardamom Mountains. In this protected area, near Bokor Hill Station, is the Popokvil Waterfall, which flows through the rocky terrain. 

Extend your stay in upscale camps and eco-resorts that have been created in partnership with local organisations, designed to integrate with the natural surroundings of the Cardamom Mountains. Cardamom Tented Camp brings intimate, safari-style glamping into the pristine lowlands, while Canvas & Orchids proposes cosy bungalows over the water, and Shinta Mani Wild offers 15 luxurious tents set along a riverbank. In the outskirts of the mountains, Chi Phat is an authentic local village where you can enjoy a personal homestay with unlimited access to outdoor adventures. 

Outdoor beauty is everywhere when you make your way to Cambodia’s southwestern region. Travel deeper to create everlasting connections with this diverse area and its natural wonders. 

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